Thursday, January 13, 2011

There is No Direct Flight

Tasty Tidbit:  Official Notice
Attention Lightworkers, we are entering the final stages of this ascension process.  The time is now.  There is no longer time for fears or doubts.  Please step into your personal power, now.  We have work to do.
Excerpt from the book We Have Work to Do

Tasty Tidbit: When Despair Turns to Joy
            Last month my husband came home for his two week R & R, from his tour in Afghanistan.  Of course him coming home also meant that he would have to leave again.  Him leaving is always hard on both of us, but this time I had a very unique experience.  Typically I don’t sleep well the night before he leaves for obvious reason; this time however I slept fine.  When I woke up I wasn’t overwhelmed by crushing emotions, like sorrow.  I felt a calmness about the whole thing.  Knowing he would be home soon helped, but there was something else that I wasn’t able to identify.  As we sat in the airport terminal waiting for his flight to be called, I took the time to observe what and who was around me.  I noticed that instead of the usually grief that I encounter when soldiers are returning to the battle field, there was a pulse of joy.  Soldiers were laughing and telling each other about their holidays.  Fathers were playing with their children.  A little eighteen month old girl with her hair done up like Pebbles, was flirting with my husband, while her brother climbed chairs and giggled.  There were no tears, no heavy feeling of “this could be the last moment I see my husband/child/wife.”  When my husband’s flight was called I did have a few tears, but they dried quickly.  At first I wondered if I was starting to become immune to these constant comings and goings, but that wasn’t it.  As I drove home I thought about all the joy and laughter we had been surrounded with in the airport.  It felt like a huge beacon of light was in the center of the terminal emitting a beam of light into each of our hearts, connecting us with love, hope, and joy.  It was as though a piece of that beam of light had been encapsulated in my heart, and as I thought about it, it felt like the light was pulsing, warm and loving.  I realized that in that airport, I had experienced a moment of love and joy so pure that any and all thoughts of despair had been obliterated.  It reminded me that in the light of joy, no darkness can be sustained.

There is No Direct Flight
            Like so many things in the spiritual world it seems there is some confusion on the path to spirituality.  People mistakenly think that this is an A to Z journey.  That once you get to a certain point or level in the journey that you shouldn’t, ahh there’s my favorite word, go backwards.  For example, once we reach a state of inner peace that we think will never be or should never be angry again. We have somehow surpassed those emotions.  I think not.
            As we travel along the road of our chosen spiritual path, no matter what that path might be, there will be times when you experience what appear to be setbacks.  It might look like you are going backwards, instead of forward.  Often times we hit these little snags and we become frustrated.  We throw our hands into the air and say “see this spiritual stuff is really hard,” or “how can I call myself spiritual when I just flipped that guy the bird?”  And there’s always a “helpful” friend that likes to poke and prod at you when you divert from your center, making it appear even more obvious to you that you are not that enlightened yet.  The thing to keep in mind is that we often slip back into old habits, sometimes without even noticing until they become habits again.  We encounter a situation that we thought we were over or an emotion we could swear we released.  These “setbacks” can cause a lot of frustration and self-doubt. 
            Here’s the key:  It’s okay!  There is no direct flight into spirituality.  There is no A to Z. You are going to go from A to M to E to Y.  You may get stuck in terminal Q for awhile.  You are going to have days when you are at square one, and you will have days when you stand blissfully in square ten or whatever square represents the warm fuzzy feelings of spiritual enlightenment for you.  Backwards is not always a bad thing.  Sometimes we have to go backwards to go forward.  The fun thing is when you start to catch yourself.  When you accept that you will have “off” days and you start to allow that within yourself instead of fighting against it, those days become easier to deal with, even fun.  I make it into a game.  How quickly can I turn myself around?  The game before that was, how quickly can I catch those setback thoughts?  The more you become aware, the faster you will catch the thoughts and the faster you can return to your center.  Being human, we are never going to reach a state of perfection, please let that go.  But we can reach a point where we are centered and balanced.  We will still have off days, but on those days we usually learn the most.  If you felt warm and fuzzy all the time what would be the point, or the fun for that matter, in being here on planet Earth at all? 
            So if you have an off day, acknowledge it and accept it.  Find ways to turn it around.  Listen to happy music, meditate, or do some primal scream therapy.  Tell that friend that is poking you to stop poking, or learn to not answer the phone when you are having a moment.  The most important thing is to enjoy your flight, even if you feel like at this moment you are stranded in some unnamed terminal in the middle of nowhere.  Sit back, relax, and flow.  You will not be stuck forever; you might not be stuck at all.  The universe has reasons for keeping us stationary or for moving us forward.  It’s our job to simply enjoy the ride. 

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  1. so, I see you referenced the book "We Have Work to Do". I hear that's a million copy seller! #1 on the NY Times list! It's definitely changing peoples' lives! Just around the corner and on it's way to you!!! You truly can do ANYTHING!!