Thursday, January 20, 2011

Glad We Got Over That

Tasty Tidbit #1           In Case You Forgot


Tasty Tidbit #2           Dawn
            I go boldly into this day
            Without hesitation
            Without fear
            I open my heart fully to the experience of the moment
            Without armor
            Without shield
            I say to the Universe
            I am Ready
            I am Ready

Tasty Tidbit #3           Just a Thought

            Time, distance, and the idea of separation are toys of the mind
            Gods of the ego.
            Love without conditions is the essence of the soul
            It is the ultimate truth of the Universe.

Glad We Got Over That

            How the hell did this turn into a spiritual blog?  In truth, I didn’t intend for it to be that way.  I just thought it would give me a chance to share my writing.  I realize now, that spirituality is my life, is my writing.  I look back into my box of tricks and see page after page of writing, all of it with some spiritual edge or note in it.  On the same token, I have an interesting sense of humor.  Some might even call it offensive at times, though I do make attempts to not take it that far.  I have always believed that laughter is great medicine, right up there next to love.  In fact they might even hold hands, on the chart of All That Is Good and Great.  What I find myself struggling with at the moment is the blending of that spirituality and humor.  I don’t see a lot of humor in spiritual practice.  Sometimes a speaker will crack a joke, but really nothing like what I can see myself potentially writing.  Oh goody, example time!
            Two Thursdays ago I wrote a blog titled, Punching Someone in the Face Can Be Spiritual.  To say that I was nervous about posting it is an understatement.  I knew I had the spiritual spin, and I knew that the post wasn’t actually about punching someone.  On the other hand I thought that a title like that could possibly turn someone off who might have benefited from what I had to say, if I had said it in a different manner.  Can you sense the shoulds lingering just under the surface of all this?  Well, last week, I decided to take a more serious approach to the blog.  While many people said that they enjoyed it, I can honestly say I did not enjoy writing it.  I started having computer issues.  I would set off on a typing frenzy and come to find out the cursor had moved and half of what I had written was somewhere else.  I was trying to write the blog in a time crunch, which also interfered with my creativity.  By the end, I was just happy to have anything to post, though I felt it was dry and didn’t reflect the information and thoughts I wanted to get across.  I have been chewing on that one all week.
            So from my munching, I just don’t think I like that word, munch, yuck!  Anyway, barracuda!  You know who that’s for, lol.  Okay so after chewing and stewing, I came to realize that once again I had slipped into ultra serious mode.  The blog had to be done a certain way.  I couldn’t talk about spiritual stuff, than talk about punching people.  (Just a side note, sometimes the word should is replaced by its counterparts: can’t or couldn’t.)  So then I asked myself a very important question:  Why the hell not?  I know I have been beating the drum of be gentle with yourself and have fun, along with follow your heart and watch out for shoulds and here I am getting caught up in them.  It happens, I know that, but it was a little annoying.  I realize that I need to find a way to blend these two parts of myself together and I think when I figure that out, and it’s not that hard I just have to allow myself to be myself, things will flow just as smoothly as they did with the face punching post. 
            So why share all this?  Well first, because I can, my blog.  Second, to share that even though we talk about this stuff, like shoulds and being yourself, we still slip up from time to time.  We still fall into that trap of what are people going to think about me if I say this?  I am a big Abraham- Esther and Jerry Hicks fan; I actually beat myself up thinking, what if they read your blog, what would they think?  Yeah I took it that far, I admit it.  I thought, they wouldn’t think that was spiritual at all, they would probably read the title and wrinkle their noses.  It makes me laugh now to see those words written out.  It really was that serious for me.  I thought no one would want to read my blog after that posting, and all of this would be a waste of time.  I guess I forgot the, if you don’t like it, it sucks to be you, part.  I forgot I was writing for fun. I might forget again, who knows.  I do know that after all the problems I had posting the last blog, the serious one, that I must, must, must, be true to myself.  If someone reads the title and doesn’t like it, so what?  I’m not out for universal popularity, I’m here to share and the way that I share is through love and yes, a sense of humor.


  1. gosh it's good to know i'm not the only one trying to blend spirituality with crazy humor! (actually, quite a few others come to mind too... all who are probably also reading this blog!) One thing I love about you Sara, is that by sharing your thoughts, struggles, and experiences, it helps me UNDERSTAND that I'm not alone in this! Other people deal with the same stuff! We ARE in these meatsuits for a reason, ya know! Thank you again!!

    P.S. I'm forwarding this web address to Esther and Jerry! :)

  2. Hahaha...very funny! Thank you for reading, and for your comments! I think it's important to always keep in mind that we are all working on things and it's not a one stop process. Some days we're on and some days we step in the poo. It's how we turn our perspectives of the poo around. Hope you have a wonderful day and thanks so much for reading!

  3. Dear Sara,
    Please continue to share with us... not only are you makeing me laugh, you are making me think about stuff... !