Thursday, January 27, 2011

Energy Condoms

My word for the day:  Goo.
This week we get down and dirty, kids.  Have fun!

Tasty Tidbit:  Introducing Characters
                Since up until now I have been referring to my peeps by vague terms like friend, I decided that it was time to give the not so innocent, names.  I would like to introduce Mardi, Teresa, Alton (who is in fact female, thought about calling her Altonina just to see what would happen, hehehe) and Rachel.  For those of you who think you know who Rachel is, let me just tell you, you're wrong.  Keep guessing though!  Random names will be given to minor characters and will be changed so as to protect the person’s identity.  This at least gives me a name to work with rather than friend or he/she all the time.  Let’s give them a round of applause.  Oh and yes, there will be more names to come.  As I warned them, you better be careful or you’ll end up in my blog!
Now onto the meat of this weeks blog. 

Energy Condoms

            So today boys and girls we are going to discuss protection.  No, I’m not talking about sex; get out of the gutter for about ten minutes guys. On that note I would like to say, make good choices.   Let’s continue.  Last week, I heard a partial conversation, through a closed door, on my way to the toilet, which sparked the genius behind today’s post.  Taken completely out of context and not really knowing what was being discussed, the conversation still held a valuable nugget that I intend to mine and make mine, now yours as well.  The muffled words ran something in the way of a client talking about psychic protection.  Let’s call the client Margo, because that’s my aunt’s nickname and she hates it, and call the worker Bonnie.  Margo was talking with me when she first came into the shop, that she is just opening up to healing work.  As she is opening herself up, she was noticing that when she works on a client she feels not only very tired after a session, but she is experiencing odd emotional flare ups.  I discussed with Margo the need to protect oneself during any type of energy work.  Not only to ensure that you are protected and not dragging home all sorts of emotional stickiness, but to protect the client as well from your own goo.  At this point, Bonnie came out and took Margo in for her reading. 
            Okay, so flash forward to the toilet journey.  As I am walking past the door I hear Bonnie talking to Margo about protection.  Again, this is taken completely out of context, work with me here.  Bonnie says something that sounds a whole lot like, don’t worry about doing protection, because if you think about using protection or shields you are saying that the negative stuff is more powerful than you.  Yes that is paraphrased, no I didn’t stop to listen I really had to pee.  If I heard that correctly, which I probably didn’t, it appeared that Bonnie was basically reverse engineering everything I had told Margo.  Now, I’m not pissing on a tree.  I don’t care if someone has better information to give to a client then me; however, telling someone something like that, is in my opinion, dumb.  You lock the door to your house, right?  So by turning that lock are you saying to the universe, criminals are more powerful than me?  No, you are using common sense.  I know, a rare and elusive creature once thought to be extinct.  If you walk across the street at night wearing black clothing are you telling the universe the darkness is not more powerful than you? No, are telling the universe that you breeding would be a bad idea so please take you out (as in, snuffed out, dead, made to be no more, passing into a better place, removed from existence, Darwin Award Winner) at the universe’s earliest possible convenience. 
            Protection is not a sign of weakness, I can’t stress that enough! Nor is it telling the Universe or anyone else for that matter that they/it/whoever, is more powerful than you.  Something can only be more powerful than you if you believe that it has more power than you.  Now, because I know there are some of you out there that need things done in crayon let me clarify a little.  If you step in front of a moving semi-truck, you will quickly learn that you are not more powerful than that truck. You will be a stain.  I am not talking about physical strength here.  I’m talking about energy.  I’m talking about using common sense to help others and yourself.  We deal with what we view as negative stuff every day.  Whether it’s from our family members being grumpy, drivers that shouldn’t have a license to begin with, demanding bosses, etc, etc.  Now of course we have the issue of perspective changing, but that is a whole other blog post.  So you deal with this negative stuff, come in contact with it, do you really think that you aren’t affected?  Classic example, you enter a room and there is a cranky person, you spend ten minutes listening to this person complain about everything, (why you are listening we’re not sure but let’s just go with it) and by the end of it you feel terrible.  Energy vamp?  Maybe. But with protection in place there is a strong probability that the cranky person would not have affected you nearly so deeply, if at all.  Protection is not something to shut you down or shut other people out, protection is to protect you from the negative juices.  It’s made to be a shield between you and the goo. 
            My suggestion, an energy condom. Thin, light, easy to carry, yet it feels like the real thing when you have it on.  Okay, so maybe not a condom exactly, I just liked the title.  Protection can be as simple as asking your guides and angels to protect you.  You can have a little saying or chant that you do every morning, or you can have some elaborate ritual.  Whatever makes you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside.  Personally, I just want to shield up and go.  I have a saying that I repeat every morning, well almost every morning.  On the days that I forget, I ask my angels for help.  No biggie, nothing to panic or freak out about.   If you don’t like trying to remember a saying every day, you can visualize as well.  I visualize a bubble of white light around me.  I like using the bubble because it’s thin, so I’m ensuring that I’m not blocking any feel good mojo out, and yet it forms a clear barrier for me.  I like to use white light because to me that is pure universal energy and white is just pretty.  There are thousands of different ways to protect yourself; these are just a couple of suggestions.  Find something that works for you. Whatever that something is just remember; protection is important kids. 

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