Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Other Six Days

Yes, I know it's not Thursday.  For any of you that may be confused, have no fear, clarity is on the way!  After last Thursday’s post I drove home thinking about all the other things that I would have liked to include in the blog.  I have noticed, since I started writing the blog, that there have been times when I wanted to pop on and post something, but then think, it’s not Thursday.  So I write the ideas down in my journal.  When Thursday rolls around I usually change what I planned on writing about, or like this past Thursday make it up as I go.  A lot of my writing is still going into the drawer.  On that same drive home I was inspired to begin a second blog, which I titled The Other Six Days.  Being a Gemini, I need the structure of a goal date, like you must write a blog every Thursday.  On the other hand, I also need the freedom to write and post whenever I want.  Hence the creation of, The Other Six Days.  The posts on that blog will be random, and probably shorter, though you never know.  I will most likely not do the facebook announcements with this second blog like I do with ‘Ritas and Rants.  I might post it on there once in awhile, but nothing consistent.  The address for The Other Six Days is   I hope you will join me on The Other Six Days!  See you Thursday!

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