Thursday, January 6, 2011

Punching Someone in the Face Can be Spiritual & Other Tasty Tidbits

*Just as a side note:  Do NOT go out and punch someone in the face.  If you do, you are STUPID, and have missed the point completely.  This side note brought to you by: Please, for the love of God, use some common sense!
So I decided to do the tidbits first.  Why?  Because it’s my blog and I can.  Tidbits are just that, little bits of writing that I find interesting and want to share.  They can be bits of a story or random thoughts.  If you like them and want to read more, let me know. 
Tasty Tidbit #1
When I write, when I truly write, I am mindless.  The pen moves across the paper of its own accord, spilling the secrets stored in its blood.  The pens life force leaks onto my page without judgment, saying exactly what needs to be said, without hesitation.
Tasty Tidbit #2
Never underestimate a cookie sheet.  The noble cookie sheet can be used for any number of tasks. A cookie sheet can bring families together, injure intruders, or even be used as a snow shovel.  Next time you pull out your cookie sheet, take the time to say thank you.  You never know when you might need the help of your loyal friend, the cookie sheet.

Now onto the Punching:
            On the whole I like to think of myself as a patient person.  I can usually take a whole lot before I explode all over you.  Usually, when the explosion happens, it’s something small that triggers it.  Over the years I have worked on this volcanic issue, and while improvement abounds I still have moments when I want nothing more than to punch someone in the face.  The issue I have is this whole spiritual realm that I am supposedly working in/from.  I say that I am working on vibration and zen chi mojo and all of that good stuff, so why do I still feel the need to punch people in the face?  The answer, because I’m human, and may I add a, Duh in there.  I’m a spiritual being having a human experience.  From my particular belief system I am a piece of source.  That source is experiencing itself through me, and everyone else on the planet.  So, why wouldn’t I have moments of face punching?  Why wouldn’t I tell dirty gutter jokes even though I work in a spiritual shop?  I posted on facebook a few days ago that sometimes I think I take things far too seriously, and it’s true.  Here I am sending light and love to everyone, and the truth is, bitch took my chair…again!   I want to punch her in the face, not bless her heart!  It’s not that I don’t love that person, and yes I recognize the ego in “my chair”.  Truth be told, most of the time I am more comfortable on the floor, at least when I don’t have cold air flying up my butt crack.  So, why the pissosity about the chair?  Ego, of course.  Power struggle, more than likely.  And because I’m human, and sometimes I want my damn chair, which is for me, priceless truth.
            I think sometimes we get so caught up in the zen chi mojo spirit stuff that we actually work backwards on ourselves.  It’s like denying makeup, because all people already where masks.  Yeah, I did that one myself.  Or not buying a coach purse because you think that society is already materialistic and you are better than that.  Done that one too, but now I have the purseJ  We are attempting to purify our lives, to live in this higher spiritual place, but we end up denying who we inherently are.  We are spiritual beings yes.  But we are also human.  Just because you wear the makeup or buy the purse does not make you any less spiritual in my humble blogging opinion.  Neither does getting angry, or having the occasional face punching thoughts.  If it's more than occasional you might want to seek professional help.  When something like that happens to me, when I have that face punching thought, I catch it.  I notice it for what it is.  I recognize that thought as my ego.  That alone empowers me to laugh it off and move on with my life, instead of sitting around stewing about it.  Translation:  You can only change yourself and how you view things, so why not laugh about it. Laughing is more fun.
            Laughter is, again in my humble opinion, one of the best tools we have.  One of the reasons I love working where I work is because of the laughter.  True, some days we don’t get much done, but damn it, we have a great time laughing about it.  Laughter can snap your mood in a moment and bring you back to your center in a heartbeat.  Even a giggle does wonders for the soul.  So next time someone takes your chair, or cuts you off in traffic, or jumps on your face because you mis-pronounce a word, just breath, notice it, and giggle.  When you feel yourself start to puff up, take note of it.  Notice what triggered those feels and emotions.  Then laugh it off.  Get your giggle on.  Whatever you do, remember to be gentle with yourself.  We are all learning here. 

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  1. Sara... you are hysterical! No wonder you wouldn't tell me what the blog was about! You have the most amazing way of making it not just okay to be the perfectly imperfect human beings we are, but to turn it around and make us look incredibly spiritual! You rock! Thank you for making me crack up laughing tonight. And speaking of cracks...maybe we should insulate the office a little better! Yup, I said "we"! Awesome job!! xoxo