Thursday, May 26, 2011

Heart's Desire

Tasty Tidbit #1:  Alton Goes Big Time  
            Take a moment with me and imagine 2,000 bars of soap.  Yes, that’s right 2,000.  Let me just say, that’s a lot of soap.  I have been honored to watch a friend grow her business to where it is now, and where it is going.  Believe me its growing exponentially.  The word, unstoppable comes to mind.  Only because I forgot to ask her permission am I not posting her website address here, but I did want to give her a shout out.  I bow to your soap making greatness and smile at the thought of your continued success.  Have fun!!
Heart’s Desire

            Today was another one of those days when a casual conversation turns into a blog.  Earlier in the week I had been chatting with my friends that I was concerned I was repeating myself with this blog.  I was also concerned that I had run out of material, hence the repeating.  They dismissed that notion, but they are a bit biased, god love ‘em.  I kicked a couple of ideas around in my head, but nothing felt right.  If it doesn’t feel right, it doesn’t make the cut.  Today however an idea did present itself.  The tough thing with this blog is that sometimes I want to convey an idea, or personal belief, but I’m lacking in the word department.  I know, I’m a writer, but still sometimes there just aren’t words.  I am concerned that tonight will be one of those nights when I write, full of enthusiasm, but short on actual words.  I hope the message is still received by those who are supposed to get it.  So with no further delay, I like to talk about your heart.  Not your physical heart, but your spiritual gooey heart.  If you haven’t noticed by now, I tend to talk a lot about vision boards, manifestation, and co-creation.  This is something similar to all that, with a slightly different twist to it.  Excuse me while I step onto my soapbox.  Shall we begin?
            I was in the kitchen talking with Teresa today about manifestation.  I was explaining a situation that I had just recently noticed.  Isn’t it funny that just by bouncing something off a friend we can come up with new ideas and explanations?  Anyway, I was telling her that I had gone to the Rosetta Stone website.  For those of you who don’t know, Rosetta Stone is a company, probably the top company, which specializes in helping you learn a language.  I love languages, and I love learning languages.  I was feeling that it was about time to practice my skills and learn something new.  As I looked at the list, I thought I should learn Spanish.  It was the language that stuck out to me as the most practical.  As I continued to look at the list I kept looking at French.  To those of you who know me that might be a bit funny, but the truth is I have always wanted to learn French.  I took French in summer school when I was very young, but choose Spanish in high school because all my friends took Spanish, you know the drill.  Inside me there was a tiny nudge toward the French, but I dismissed it because I thought, when would I ever use French, it’s not practical.  I guess I need to play a little bit more, if I’m getting that stiff-necked.  After looking at the French program for a bit, I finally allowed myself to accept that what I really wanted to do was learn French.
            Things started popping almost instantly.  I left that website and headed to another to look for furniture.  On the front of the webpage was a contest to win a trip to France.  I entered of course, and took note of the “coincidence.”  That it happened thirty seconds after I admitted what I truly wanted did not escape my attention.  The next day, I was walking through a store and I kept seeing Eiffel Towers and Paris stuff everywhere.  I was not looking for anything like that in particular, it just kept popping up.  It seemed like it was almost throwing itself in my path for me to see it. 
            I started talking with Teresa about it, because it occurred to me that learning French had not just been something that I was interested in doing, but was a true heart’s desire.  When I accepted it and aligned with that desire, the Universe responded instantly to that personal truth.  All of those decorations had probably been in that store the many times I have been there before, however, I was more consciously aware of them being there, and to me at least, it seemed like the Universe pulled those things to my attention to remind me of what I wanted.  I have never had a desire to travel to France, though I wouldn’t mind it if it was on a travel itinerary, which is another reason why I thought learning French would be a waste of time; however, the Universe seemed to be affirming that path.  At least, the path of learning French.  My question was why do some things seem to line up so quickly and others seem to take a long time to get to us, if they get to us at all? 
            I don’t believe there is an easy one shot answer to these questions.  I think there is a multitude of things that play into it.  After today’s conversation I believe that what your heart desires, the Universe conspires.  Cute, I know.  When it’s truly in alignment, when it comes from your heart space, not your brain, that’s when we have Universe in motion.  It’s not the only time of course, but it just might be the quickest.  There are two problems with this: one, we tend to think we know what we desire most, and two, we often send the Universe conflicting messages.  I believe the Universal response to my wanting to learn French was so fast, was because I was clear about my desire. I simply accepted it and moved on.  Everything else just fell into place. Now, I don’t have a French class lined up yet, but who knows what tomorrow will bring. 
            If, however, we are unsure or unclear about what we want, or we keep changing our minds, we aren’t coming from our heart; most likely we are coming from our heads.  But Sara, you cry, I have wanted this or that with all my heart for years and it hasn’t happened.  Okay.  You’re going to have that.  Like I said there is more to this than just simply coming from the heart.  There could be Karma involved, lessons, or who knows.  Maybe the aliens don’t want you to have a fancy car.  I don’t have all the answers, I just know that in the instances where I have come from the heart space, the Universe has lined things up, and done it quickly.  There are times when I think things take a long time to get to us, because we think it takes a long time to get to us.  That is another can of worms that we are not going to open tonight.  
            My point is that you have to get to the heart of it.  Get there, accept it and let it go.  Only then can it possibly flow to you.  If you spend all day moaning because you want to learn French, but have no idea how that would happen, or how you would pay for classes, or that it would be pointless to learn, you are blocking the Universe and yourself from achieving what you want.  If you’re not sure if where an idea is coming from, whether head or heart, check it.  Take a moment to be still and ask, is this a heart’s desire or is this just something that is a passing fancy.  I’m not saying that ideas won’t come to you at head level, but I am saying always, always, always, (how about one more just for kicks) always, check with your heart.  And who knows, vous venez peut-être le créer! (You just might create it !)  (Hopefully, google translator got that right, lol!)
Tonight, I am also going to do something a little different, it's good to change things up.  Though it might change, I plan on next week's blog being called Vesica Piscis, The Space In-between.  How's that for a cookie?  See you next week! 

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