Thursday, May 5, 2011

Working in Harmony: The Creator and the Instrument

Tidbit #1: You Can’t Force a Tidbit

            I was sitting here trying to work out a tidbit, and the truth is, you can’t force a tidbit. 

Working in Harmony: The Creator and the Instrument 

            Here’s the question of the day kids, are you the instrument of the Universe, an object through which the Universe can manifest itself, or are you the Creator, with the capability of creating whatever you wish in your personal reality?  Are you just a pawn moved around by the Universe, your object in life being to listen to the Universe and move the way you are directed, or are you the master painter, the mover of the pawn?  The truth is you are both.

            I didn’t get that at first.  In fact, when these questions came about I was busy wallowing in self-pity about my situation and yelling about the fact that the Universe was not helping me one bit.  I was frustrated, tired, and on top of that sporting a head cold that caused my right ear to be blocked up with fluid so I could barely hear.  Frustrated, would be an understatement.  I felt like the Universe was pissing in my cornflakes, and had put ants on my toast.  Bastard, Universe.  I was flipping off a sign that said peace and wanting to punch the next person who told me that patience was a virtue.  I was stomping my feet, and sobbing my brains, all to no avail.  I felt confused and I hated it.  Here I was again in confused land.  I just wanted it to make sense, I wanted an answer, and I wanted it now.  I was tired of waiting, tired of being patient, didn’t I deserve an answer? 

            In a way this emotional explosion was a good thing.  It got everything out in the open and cleared some space on the inside.  On the other hand, I was so busy yelling about how the Universe wasn’t helping, that I couldn’t hear the Universe trying to help, until we got to those questions.  I was yelling with Teresa at the time when these questions came about.  We were, I felt having a spiritual break down, at least I know I was.  The messages were conflicting.  Go with the flow, be the creator of your Universe, which the hell is it?  I wasn’t in the place to figure it out at that moment, but thankfully the insight did manage to find its way to me.  I was trying to follow one path.  Either I was an instrument of the Universe and I followed the guidance I received, or I was the creator of my reality and I followed what I came up with.  I didn’t really get the fact that these two work in harmony with each other. 

            Here’s how the answer came to me, or at least my best attempt to explain it.  We decide there is something that we want to bring into our lives, for instance when I needed a vehicle.  I knew I needed a vehicle before my husband came home.  I knew that I wanted a low payment (under $300), I wanted a low interest rate, low miles (Below 50,000) and the vehicle needed to be no older than a 2005, really I wanted something newer than that, but wasn’t sure what kind of deal I could get.  I had a very clear vision of what I wanted, even though I didn’t know what kind of vehicle I was looking for exactly.  I knew I wanted something big enough to haul all my animals, plus some extra room.  So I had my goal, my vision, whatever you want to call it.  Then I started looking at vehicles.  I looked at stats, and vehicles themselves.  Jeeps kept popping up everywhere.  I took this to be a sign and followed my intuition.  When the day finally came to purchase my Jeep, I followed my intuition then too.  The Universe worked in harmony with my vision to create what I wanted in my reality.  I truly felt like my Jeep was created for me, it was just waiting for me to find it there on the lot.  I got everything I was asking for. 

            Sometimes I think it works the other way as well.  The Universe needs us to help someone so we are guided to go to a certain place, though we may have no idea why.  The other day I had two instances of people calling to me out their car windows.  Both women needed help, one directions, the other had been parked in.  If I hadn’t been open and available I might have missed an opportunity to be an assistant for the Universe. 

            So it’s not just one or the other, it’s a harmonious working of both.  I am both a creator of my reality and an instrument of the Universe.  The trick is to figure out which you are at the moment.  In my fit of being confused, I realized that the Universe was waiting for me to tell it what I wanted.  I needed to be clear about what I was looking for, just like I was with the Jeep.  In a way, it’s like refilling a Pez dispenser.  I had put all the candy from one pack into the dispenser when I wanted a new vehicle.  With each piece of candy that I popped out I got closer to my goal of having a new vehicle.  One piece was a listening piece, when I was directed by the Universe.  Another piece was a personal goal of low payments.  With the last piece the vehicle was acquired and the goal fulfilled.  The part I missed was to refill the dispenser.  Though I have additional goals, none of them are clear, so how can the Universe help me?  I was there for those two ladies, so that tells me that I am available for the Universe, however, I need to be available for myself as well.  I need to pick which flavor I want to put in my dispenser next and then work on getting to my goal one piece at a time.  I need to find a balance of listening and moving.  I listen to be inspired by the Universe, than I move toward fulfilling that dream or goal.  I need to check to see which part of the dance I am on.  Am I leading, aka creating something, or am I listening and being directed?  Neither outweighs the other, it’s just a matter of being aware of which step you are on so that you can move more quickly and effectively towards your goal or the cooperative goal you have with the Universe. 

            Sometimes we are inspired by the Universe to move in a certain direction and sometimes we think of something we want to bring into our lives and then the Universe moves to help us achieve that goal.  Something tells me that it’s all the same, but for the moment this is how I understand it.  I don’t see myself as separate from the Universe; I know I am a piece of the Universal puzzle.  Without my piece the puzzle can’t be complete.  If I think the Universe is putting ants on my toast, that just means that I am putting ants on my toast, and making myself very unhappy and hungry.  So I take the piece of toast outside, set it in the grass and watch a tiny army devour my breakfast.  I have to remember that I hold the power to go make a new piece of toast, just as I have the power to make new dreams.  The Universe really is a candy store, just waiting for us to make our selection.  We have to be clear about what we want.  We may not have all the details and that’s okay, leaving some play for the Universe is always a good idea, but it’s important to be as clear as possible.  Once set in place it becomes our job to move and listen as needed and to know which is needed when.  The only question is, which flavor will you choose? 

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