Thursday, April 7, 2011

Honor Your Body

A special thank you to all my readers for sticking with me!  I love you guys!

Tidbit #1   A Spell for Responsibility
            Just the other day I had yet another fascinating experience in the metaphysical world.  Two young women came into the shop looking for candles and/or potions to help them change their respective lovers.  They both told me that the men they were with treated them poorly, and they were looking for a way to change them.  The blonde in particular was focused on keeping her man.  He is apparently cheating on her, though living with another woman might need a redefinition of cheating and/or relationship in general.  The blonde woman said they had been together for three years and had a child together.  She said it was her fault for the most part that they fought, a statement that caused me to cringe, probably very visibly.  She did say that he started it sometimes, but if she could just stop bitching and nagging at him he would stay with her.  On that point, I very much doubted it.  The women asked if I could feel their energy, the women’s not the men, and given the fact that I had my arms tightly crossed against my chest and kept a minimum two pace distance in a very small shop, I acknowledged that yes I could feel their energy, I’m pretty sure everyone in Clarksville could feel it. 
            For whatever reason I was possessed with an urge to try to explain thirty years of metaphysical study to these two.  I compressed it a bit, into two categories, self-love and intention.  I explained that I could sell them anything they wanted in the shop. If they wanted a love candle, we’ve got it.  Crystals, sure, but the point I tried to make to these two was that no matter what I sold them it would do no good in trying to change another human being.  The only person they could change, or had any control over changing was themselves.  This was not what they wanted to hear, but that’s okay.  Blonde asked me if she used a healing candle for herself would that mean that her man, or excuse me but I have to say it, her baby daddy would stay with her.  Yeah, now I get to explain about vibration, expansion, and a whole slew of things that these women probably aren’t going to understand.  Still I stuck it out, explaining that as their vibration rose things that no long matched their vibrations would fall away.  That wasn’t what they wanted to hear either. 
            Dark haired chick who had remained quiet for most of the time, asked if they could be Wicca, so they could do spells on their men.  Oh goody, a whole other issue to tackle.  Not only did I feel like they were waiting for my blessing to usher them into Wiccahood, I knew it was imperative that I explain at least a couple basics to them about spell work.  I told them that you don’t become Wicca to do spell work.  Now, peeps don’t get your panties in a twist, this is my belief and my understanding, if yours is different congrats.  Yes, spell work is a part of it, but you don’t join up so you can try to bind someone to you.  The thought of the karmic connection on that one again had me cringing.  I explained that spells are actually the last thing you do, the last resort.  Once, you have exhausted every other avenue then turn to spell work.  I doubt that got through, but I did my best.  They decided to come to our Wicca class on Saturday, I figured I’d give the lady that teaches that class a heads up and let her sort them out.  She could probably do it better than I could, have much more extensive knowledge then yours truly.
            In the end each woman purchased a crystal, that’s a whole other story.  Blonde bought a rose quartz, and dark haired chick bought moonstone.  I don’t feel like I really got through to either of them, and I couldn’t help asking blonde at one point why it was that she wanted this particular man.  I asked if she thought there wasn’t anyone better out there.  She said she wanted this man, and if she could do like in Practical Magic (great movie btw), she would stab a bird through the heart.  I warned her what they also said in the movie during that particular scene,
“Be careful what you wish for.”

Tidbit #2 Quotes From Last Week’s Margarita Night
Some of these make no sense, some are funny, and some are stupid.  Doesn’t matter to me, it was a great time.  It was difficult to read some of these though; my handwriting wasn’t very clear at the end.

“That’s above my level.”
“He’s had a few Sanchez’s in his time,”
“What if it was a surprise Sanchez?”
“You need to chew that shit up better.”
“I have shit stuffer gnomes in my ass.” (They stuff corn.)
“It’s still talking or is that just God.”
“Spinxer Gnome.”
“There’s no “x” in sphincter.”
“Pancake tit.” (We have no idea where this one came from.)

Honor Your Body
            Speaking of drinking, yeah anyway.  As some of you may know and the rest of you don’t or don’t care (but you must at least a little if you are reading this J)  I’ve been on an exercise, eat healthy complete overhaul of my lifestyle kick.  Although this has been going great for me, I still find that there are times when I need to rest.  That may sound obvious and simple, but not so much.  I typically exercise twice a day, once in the morning and once at night.  I’ve gotten into the habit of putting my workout clothes on immediately after getting out of bed in the morning.  This sets me up to follow through and continue my routine.  However, there have been a few mornings, like today, when I get up, get dressed, but decide against exercising.  At first I thought I was being lazy and I was afraid missing might cause me to get off track.  Still the pull of resting was stronger than the fear, so I rested.  The next day I was back into my routine, it didn’t take any effort or convincing to get myself back there.  I was relieved to note that missing a day did not cause permanent damage to my progress.  That may sound a bit obsessive, but it’s so easy for me to start something, sticking with it is the tricky part.  I was impressed that the following day I felt even stronger, even though I had rested.  Then I began to wonder if I felt stronger because I rested.  Since, that first rest day I have continued to listen to the signals my body sends me about when to rest and it works out very well.  I’ve heard before that your body needs time to rest, but never took it seriously.  Resting to me, seemed lazy, but now I realize that skipping the rest stage caused me to wear out quickly and then I would need to rest longer and that was what caused me to get off track.  My rest days don’t appear to have any kind of pattern, and I don’t pick a certain day each week to rest.  I listen to my body and then honor what it’s telling me. 
            Listening to your body isn’t exclusive to exercise.  I take the time to listen to what my body wants and needs for food as well.  It’s not something you have to spend a great deal of time on, it’s just more of a quick “how about this?”  Many times I am drawn towards certain foods or crave them.  I love looking stuff up to see what nutrients the food I’m craving has, just to see what it is my body might be needing.  Most of the time it’s simple, like I’m craving an apple or a handful of nut nix.  Mmmm, nuts in my mouth.  Okay, my bad had to say it.  Sometimes I’ll reach in the fridge and put my hand on something and I get a sense that, whatever it is, is not what my body wants or needs, and I make a different selection, or if I just want it I eat a small portion.  The more I listen to the signals the clearer they become.  The other day I was craving fiber, yeah I know.  Teresa asked me if I was craving fiber from grains or fiber from vegetables. To be honest I didn’t know there was different kinds, I just thought fiber was fiber, but as soon as she asked the question I felt that I was being drawn toward the grain fiber, which made my purchase of some organic flax crackers (along with other assorted nuts and seeds) earlier that morning make sense.  In that case, I didn’t realize that I was listening to my body.  The crackers just looked good so I bought them.  Realizing that I was in alignment with my body’s needs both on a conscious and sub-conscious level was pretty amazing.
            If you are looking to make some eating or lifestyle changes practice listening to your body.  Hell, even if you don’t want to change anything listen anyway; you might be surprised with what happens.  Again, sometimes I feel like I want something that I would consider “bad”.  My feeling is that if I’m craving it, there is probably something in it that my body needs.  I allow myself to have a portion of whatever it is.  Note I didn’t say I bury myself up to my elbows, I said I eat a portion.  There are times when I am able to figure out what it is that I’m craving in the “bad” food and can make what I consider to be a healthier choice.  It’s important to note that I don’t believe any food is bad, it’s our abuse of food that is “bad”, really I suppose in the end it all comes back to choice and intention.  When we choose to over indulge, and believe me I have done my fair share of that, we forget how to tell when our bodies have had enough, (i.e. when we are full).  When I went through the master cleanse, not something I would recommend unless you are truly ready and you will know when you are, it was like a reset button for my body.  I was once again able to tell when I was full, and it took a lot less food then I thought it would.  I also ate slowly and added snacks throughout the day to help maintain my blood sugar levels.  I believe all of these things in combination are what have attributed to my healthy weight loss and my healthy life in general.  I knew the way I had been eating was not healthy, nor was it honoring my body.  We only get one of these, and they don’t come with extended warranties.  I could feel the strain I was putting on my body and I knew that I had to make some changes.
            I have had a lot of help both from the physical side, all my friends, and the spiritual side, all my other friends.  I don’t know if I could have made it this far without so much help, in fact I’m sure that I couldn’t have.  I had to make the conscious decision to change my life.  I knew it would take more than lip service to make it happen, excuses be damned!  Though I might occasional indulge and have a margarita or two, or two and a quarter of a half, I know that I am making good decisions for my body, honoring it in every way. 

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  1. Congratz on your quest for health and better eating, you will find your body responding better to it's own signals in now time. You'll also find your mental function improve as everything come into alignment.

    Excellent job trying to help the two ladies in your shop to understand their situations better. Just remember, you may think you didn't get through, but you planted the seed of conciousness (which means you got through).. it will grow or die dependant on them. Just you giving them the though, is you making a difference!