Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Mighty Goldfish

Tasty Tidbit #1:  Like a Ninja
            I’ve said it before, but it’s worth saying again, I love my job.  Yesterday’s quest was to see how many ways you can use a piece of cheesecloth.  First, I used it for a hand wrap after my vicious and somewhat cruel boss told me to grab hold of something really hot.  Okay, maybe that’s not exactly how it went. Might have been more like, “that’s not that hot, oh shit!”  The hand wrap made for an excellent sympathy tool.  Next, I tried it on as a head wrap for a toothache.  Drool was included.  Finally, I used it for the all important ninja headband, the mark of a true geek.  Upon tying the cheesecloth around my head, my body was filled with the spirit of the ninja.  In other words, I hide behind the bookcase and jumped out at Harmony, making her scream just a little bit.  That was pretty funny, but what was even better was the high pitched indescribable noise that came out of one of our clients.  It wasn’t a snort or a twitter, it somewhat resembled the squeak of a guinea pig.  We love you Erika!  All told it was a productive night. 

Tasty Tidbit #2:  Accepting the Lesson Before it Arrives (AKA Learning to Duck)
            When you call the Universe out, you better be ready. You might also want to duck because there is most likely a 2x4 aimed at the back of your nugget.  I believe that we come into this life to learn lessons.  Great, most of us know this, yes?  Of course yes.  So, I was thinking the other day, what would be the next step in that spiritual process?  I think the next step is asking for the lesson.  I’m not saying get cocky, because that’s just asking for trouble.  Writing something like “Hey Universe- Bring it on,” on your facebook page, might be seen as a universal challenge by some.   J  I’m just saying.  However if you are feeling up to the challenge and willing to accept whatever comes your way, if you are willing to release “control” and step onto the playing field of Source, then I recommend asking for the lesson.  I’m sure there is a measure of humility that goes along with this.  As for me, I say bring it!

The Mighty Goldfish
            This might be a myth, it might not, but I have heard that a goldfish can only grow the size of its tank.    Who would have thought that a goldfish could teach us so much?  It’s a 29 cent feeder fish that drunken college guys swallow on a dare. I wonder if guys really do that or if it’s just a movie thing, give me a shout out if you have ever purposely swallowed a goldfish.  I’m not sure how you would swallow one accidently, but God only knows.  In fact, if you have ever accidently swallowed a goldfish, never speak to me again.  I digress. 
            So a goldfish only grows to the size of its tank and the same goes for you my blogger friends.  We can only grow as much as we allow ourselves space and only we decide the size of our tank.  If you can believe it, this whole idea of space and fish, (Spacefish the ultimate defender of the universe), came out of me reading a book on labyrinths and mazes.  No, I’m not going to explain what the difference between them is, if you want to know go buy the book.  Anyway, the book came with a stack of labyrinths and mazes for you to practice, and work with.  I shuffled through them, and picked a simple one to start working on.  I didn’t expect anything to come out of the experience; I was just killing some time.  The one I choose was a labyrinth pattern, mostly because that’s harder to spell when you’re typing.  Anyway, as I began coloring in the pathways toward the center I made sure to take notes along the way, as the book suggested.  I was pleasantly surprised at how much came out of such a simple exercise.  Here are a couple of examples of the notes I took.
·        Distracting self from completing labyrinth
·        Ability to look ahead to choose correct path
·        Taking care of tools to ensure completion of journey
·        Pausing before each action to ensure taking correct path
When I got to the center room on the labyrinth I paused before coloring it in.  When I did begin to color, I watched as the blue of the pencil filled and expanded to fill up the space, hence the goldfish idea was born.  I realized that I could only expand to the space marked on this page, but what about my life?  How was I allowing myself to expand and grow? Was I allowing myself to do those things?  This is one of those cases where space is an essential element.  If my life was too full, too filled up, how could anything new come into my life, how could I continue to grow?  I started to examine different areas of my life and I noticed that certain areas had become stagnate or as Teresa likes to say stagnatized!  Areas had become cluttered with too much stuff, old stuff, and stuff that had served its purpose, but I wasn’t letting go of it. 
     With spring right around the corner, many of us are feeling the urge to purge.  This is a great time to look at your life and see what areas need to be cleared out.  I’m not just talking about all the clutter in your home and physical area; I mean everything, mental, physical, and spiritual.  Are you holding onto old belief systems that no longer work for you?  What about old habits? Are there people in your life that you feel you have grow apart from?  To grow we must allow space into our lives.  Space is a lot like silence.  We in the west are not really sure what to do with silence or space.  Space can feel uncomfortable at first, like you are missing something.  In a way you are, you’re missing the old comfortable thing, whatever that was for you.  By opening up, clearing out, and holding space, we are telling the Universe, hey I’m here, and I’m ready for what’s next.  This brings up another fear for people, fear of the unknown.  We have no idea what’s going to come walking into our lives and we are usually so afraid of what it might be, that we choose to hold on to what we know, even if it’s painful, or we’ve outgrown it.  We have to be willing to trust that everything is in divine order and that our highest good is being looked after.  That we are taken care of, just not the way we might have perceived it, or wanted it. 
     One way, and maybe the easiest way, to start clearing your spiritual tank is through meditation.  It’s an easy way to clear out some of the clutter, even if it’s just for a few minutes.  Start with what you can comfortably work with, five minutes counts.  Don’t feel like you have to sit down and meditate for an hour at a time.  When you quiet your mind even for a few minutes you are opening the door for spirit.  You are creating space for the Universe to step in and begin making miracles in your life. 

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