Thursday, December 23, 2010

Introduction: It's Just Not that Serious

I decided that I should write an introduction for all you people that might be reading this that don’t share a tasty beverage with me on Thursday nights.  That first line is all that’s left of four revisions of this introduction.  I spent way too much time concerned with grammar, then I did with simply writing.  Writing is my passion.  I think about writing when I wake up in the morning, think about writing all day, and dream about writing at night.  At what I consider the turn of this year, or the New Year, I decided that enough was enough.  The only person standing in my way was/is me.  That’s it chica, just you.  Yes, I am talking to myself, you’ll get used to that. 
            The reason I even considered writing a blog is because I am tired of writing and then sticking that writing in the back of a drawer, or a random shoebox, never to see it again. I even got tired of writing, what was the point?  Not to mention the obvious fact that I tend to beat my writing to death with all the mental criticism.  A couple of months ago I felt, and heard, a push to start writing again.  I resisted that idea due to the afore mentioned issues.  What was the point?  Turns out I forgot something simple, yet incredibly profound.  I write for the joy of writing.  I had been smashing my writing, trying to live up to some code of standards that doesn’t exist and perfect my writing before I ever stepped into the spotlight.  As a good friend of mine said, “Stop bullshitting and just write.”  I can’t say thank you enough for those words.  They were exactly what I needed to hear.  I also want to thank my friends that suggested I start this blog.  You're awesome!
            This blog is my spotlight of vulnerability.  This is the moment when I make the choice to move forward, instead of remaining in the same stuck pattern of fear.  To most people, writing a blog and then posting it (a critical step that took me nearly three weeks), is probably not a big deal.  For me, it’s stepping of the edge of a precipice.  I figure I will either crash and burn, or figure out how to use these wings of mine.  This blog is also my creative birthing ground.  There will be lots of good stuff in here.  It could be story ideas, excerpts from one of the books I am working on, or just a thought for the day.  Hopefully it will all be fun, as that is the point of me writing. 
            I have found that if I give myself the vague goals like, I’ll try to post on here often, nothing will happen.  I need deadlines.  So here we go.  I will post at least once a week to this blog.   Ah, there it is.  That means one week from today there will be something new for you to read.  You just might want to stop by and check it out.  For anyone who might be nervous that your name will end up floating into my blog page, have no fear.  All names will be changed to protect the not so innocent.  I have to admit that I already have the next post written, so that might be cheating a little, but I thought it sets me up for success, so why not.  I truly hope you enjoy what you read here and I look forward to reading you comments.  If you don’t like what you read, well to quote another good friend of mine, it sucks to be you!  See you next week!

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